Game Character Rudi!

A game character I made a 3D version of based on the concept by Rudi van de Schoor. The character was modeled, textured, rigged with squash and stretch, and animated by Delbressine Media. Next to that it works completely within the game engine Unity 3D.

Character Modeling Showreel

This video shows some of the character models created by Delbressine Media.


Pulse Jet Engine

This film is completely produced by Delbressine Media. The video was made for the Aviation Competence Centre. It was used as a submission for a dutch competition from the air and aerospace foundation, NLF. The submission won first prize and a check of €10.000.

Open Day Simac MASIC & TSS

Simac is a company which produces industrial inspection machines. They held an open day to show off their latest machine. Delbressine Media produced a very short movie with the emphasis on the people showing interest in the machinery.


Engine Removal and Installation

This film was used as a submission for a a dutch competition from the air and aerospace foundation, NLF. It was produced completely by Delbressine Media and was created for the Aviation Competence Centre.


Delbressine Media is founded by Scott Delbressine a young film and Animation fanatic. The goal Delbressine Media is to create the highest quality 3D videos possible and work on independent film projects. Scott Delbressine studied Media & Culture with a specialization in Film at the University of Amsterdam. After his graduation in 2013 he started a new course at the SAE Institute in Amsterdam called Interactive Animation. The SAE course specializes in creating 3D animation for games and professional services.


The Logo

Why the heck would you want a dinosaur for a logo? Well, the answer is quite simple. The only places where dinosaurs really come to life is in animation. So we think our cute Triceratops symbolizes animation and Scott's personality with a calm, playful vision of life.



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